PersonalFinanceChoices.Com [PFC], a recently launched website that seeks to provide unbiased information to assist readers in making informed choices with personal finance decisions that they could be faced with, has today announced the addition of a new media category to the site.

The new addition, titled “Press Releases”, where all media mentions about the company’s latest news and articles will be housed.
“From now on, visitors and clients alike have an area on our site where they can always go to be informed of latest media mentions,” said Brian Hodge, Webmaster.

“With the addition of this ‘Press Release’ section, we have come to learn that when one starts a business, it’s essential to promote your current news to the press in order to generate sales. After all, a press release or a feature story in a targeted media venue can significantly boost brand awareness and foot or web traffic to your business,” added Brian.

More importantly, he said media coverage provides third-party endorsement that business owners simply cannot purchase as they’d do paid ads.
However, Brian noted, that the good news is that business owners, like himself, can increase their chances of getting some free publicity by creating a user-friendly media kit for their small business. And that’s exactly what he’s done with their “Press Release” section, which is in effect is their online media kit.”
The PersonalFinanceChoices.Com website, however, seeks to reach an audience that do not have good credit ratings and are desperately seeking loans to fund their small businesses.

“Given the long standing prevailing economic downturn, more and more people are faced with a poor credit rating, and also, there have been a number of failures in the financial sector [finance companies/banks] which have resulted in a lowering of ‘finance approval conditions’,” Brian pointed out.
However, he is of the view that not many of these business owners are aware there are more and more loans available to them today than ever before, especially those who might have been previously blacklisted.

“As a result, we have created this PersonalFinanceChoices.Com, an unbiased information resource platform which now makes it possible for interested individuals to get their affairs in order so as to maximize their chances of approval,” said Brian, adding that PFC was established to provide up to date information to people that will help them to “Look Before They Leap”.

Added New Media Kit to Site!

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