Is Unemployed Health Insurance Available ?

With unemployment rates on the rise, it can be worrisome for people who need health insurance when they lose their job. Many people fear that they are unable to take out health insurance unemployed, but there is actually a solution for anyone who is looking for unemployed health insurance. If you just lost your job, you may still be able to get health insurance unemployed. It will take work to find the right unemployed health insurance, but it will be well worth it in order to ensure that you can always obtain health care even when you don’t have a job.

When you are first fired, check if your company has a COBRA policy. COBRA will continue providing you with health insurance coverage even if you are no longer employed, as long as you had a group plan. COBRA policies are a solution for those who have health conditions, but they tend to have incredibly expensive premiums. Seeing as you are no longer working for your company, you will need to pay the entire premium yourself, which is a steep price to pay.

If your company doesn’t have the COBRA policy, or you simply can’t afford or don’t want to pay the high COBRA insurance premiums, you may want to consider short team health insurance unemployed workers often take out. This type of unemployed health insurance will not be the long term solution to your health insurance needs, as it only covers your health insurance for a short time. However, short team health insurance unemployed workers can take out can be a solution for insurance coverage between jobs, or at least will be a method of obtaining unemployed health insurance for a short while until you are able to obtain permanent coverage.

There are many ways to find unemployed health insurance, and a unique method of obtaining this insurance is to visit your local pharmaceutical companies. These companies often offer an interesting type of health insurance unemployed workers can obtain, which are like special promotional offers. Pharmaceutical companies may offer you a chance to obtain the medications that you need for your health condition for free, though you will have to cover the costs of any other expenses such as paying for the services of a doctor. Not everyone who is looking for health insurance unemployed will qualify for this type of medical coverage, so make sure that you know what you need to do to qualify.

You may also be able to find a solution for unemployed health insurance by searching the internet. Even if you aren’t able to take out a long term health insurance policy as an unemployed person, you may at least be able to find unemployed health insurance at lower rates than you would when dealing directly with the insurance companies. You will end up paying higher rates for your health insurance unemployed, but it will be worth it to obtain the medical and health coverage if you are suffering from some medical condition or health disorder.

Consider carefully the type of unemployed health insurance coverage that you need. There are less costly types of unemployed health insurance that offer you the services of a network of doctors around the country, as well as the ability to make co-payments. You may also be able to obtain an indemnity policy that will pay out regardless of the doctor that provides your medical care. These indemnity policies usually have a deductible policy upfront, and the insurance premiums for these policies tends to be much higher than the other types of health insurance unemployed workers often obtain.

You may want to consider taking out short term health insurance unemployed workers can obtain even if you are looking into longer term or permanent health insurance. Seeing as you are only covered from the time to policy is approved, you may want to take out short term unemployed health insurance to ensure that you are covered during the time that your application for unemployed health insurance is being reviewed by your insurance provider. Having even short term unemployed health insurance will ensure that you are always able to meet any medical emergencies even when unemployed.

Unemployed Health Insurance – Are You Covered?

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