Should you conclude: I need a credit card?

While they often have bad connotations, there are actually several benefits of owning a credit card. Here are some of the key ones:

1. It’s safer than carrying cash
While you should have some cash with you whenever you leave your home, keep it to a minimum. There’s always a chance that your wallet or purse could be lost or stolen-even if you take every precaution imaginable in order to prevent those events from happening. How about credit card fraud? It’s always a possibility if your credit card were to be stolen. That said, one phone call to the credit card company’s hotline can electronically block the card in an instant. If you carry a lot of cash with you, there’s an excellent chance that the cash would disappear forever if you were to lose your wallet or purse. Why not use credit cards instead of cash, in order to give yourself better odds?

2. It can improve your credit score
This is another reason why you should consider saying to yourself: i need a credit card. Most of us can’t afford to use cash for buying everything. For those situations, it helps to have credit when applying for a vehicle or home loan. The key is not only to have credit, but to have good credit. You can maintain that status by limiting how often you use your credit card. Also, pay your credit card bills in full and on time. If you take those two steps, there’s nothing wrong with having a credit card, since it will give you a credit score that’s high enough for low-interest loan approvals.

3. It’s accepted in business establishments around the world
OK, technically not every business establishment in every country of the world accepts credit cards. However, it’s close. As e-commerce becomes more commonplace throughout the world, credit cards have become more popular than ever. So you’ll likely be able to use them at tons of restaurants, retail stores, and other establishments in your city or town. Do you do nationwide or worldwide traveling? In both cases, you’ll be able to use a credit card in the majority of the business establishments that you visit, thus answering the question: do i need a credit card? Those establishments that don’t accept credit credits are often ones that you probably wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) patronize anyway.first credit card

4. You can make monthly budgets more easily
Instead of sifting through a sea of receipts, your monthly credit card bill neatly lists every purchase that you made using your plastic. You can then easily track your spending, and make monthly budgets.

5. It allows you to shop online
As the number of online businesses increase, the number of companies that accept credit cards continues to increase exponentially. This is yet another reason why you should probably conclude: i need a credit card. You likely wouldn’t use your credit card to buy one bubble gum ball. However, online shopping has made shopping in general easier than ever. There’s no need to wait in traffic. There’s no need to wait in lines at checkout counters. There’s no need to deal with indifferent salespeople, rude customers, and so on. If you have an electronic device that has Internet access, then you can shop online. It’s that simple!

6. It prepares you for emergencies
There are times when we can’t withdraw cash from an ATM, and times when we don’t have any cash to withdraw from those same ATMs. What’s one to do? To prepare for those situations, why not consider making the conclusion that: i need a credit card? Even when we seem to prepare for every possible situation in life, sometimes life throws us a curve-ball. For those situations, a credit card is handy

7. It can serve as a secondary ID
For primary forms of ID, you’ll typically need to use a passport, driver’s license, and so on. However, to receive a credit card you have to be approved for one. So credit cards with your photo are often accepted as a secondary form of ID. You can also use credit cards to secure major types of rentals, such as those for hotels, vehicles, and appliances. The credit cards are ideal for securing rentals because any damages incurred during the rental can conveniently be charged to your credit card account.

Why I Need A Credit Card

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